jeckler to LowInfoVoter new cap 200GB [TekSavvy] by bbiab302.

I used sysprep when upgrading 2 computers recently and it worked flawlessly.

My question is if the hard drive is the problem, then why I am not able to get into computer setup option at the start? Right click the connection you use, Properties and there is a check box on the Advanced page. Use the arrow keys to select among them if you have more than one installation. Fix Hdc Setting XP to new hardware Option #1 Repair Install to SET XP to New Motherboard Option #2 IDE replacement and Safe Mode procedure to SET XP to New Motherboard.

Worst ISP experience of my life [TekSavvy] by Aventinus442. Setup installs the HAL [Hardware Abstract Layer] The IDE controller drivers [Hard Drive] Other drivers that the new motherboard must have. If you don't feel like reading, then just look at the attached images, or just skim through it. Check This Out Verify the hard drive detection settings.